Here Are What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

Working with Dave was very educational. He is extremely knowledgeable & patient. He was very diligent in enhancing my retirement, will and trust. I would highly recommend anyone call for a free consultation as I did.- Harvey Sklar
It was about 17 years ago when I first met Dave. I had just put my husband into a nursing home and I was wondering how I was going to pay for it all. Well, Dave took care of everything and saved me a lot of money along with the house. And now a few months ago, I needed help on another matter. Not only did he come out to the house twice to address my problem, but he resolved a rather nasty problem with my insurance company.<br /> This is definitely one of the good guys!- - Barbara H.
Thank god we found someone like Dave Corman. My wife and I are hovering around the retirement thing. We were in need of help with estate planning and our many different IRAs. The Generations people have many resources. They were able to explain things in simple terms that anyone can understand. I would urge anyone that's thinking about retirement or need help with estate planning to give them a call. You will be glad you did.- - A.M.
I thank Dave Corman, and express my appreciation, for the family planning and support that he has provided. Dave is very personable, his knowledge and services are extensive. Over the years, Dave has provided many services for my family. We first met with Dave for a properly structured health care plan for my mom. Following this initial service, we returned to Generations for Estate planning, and most recently we met with Dave for our retirement planning. Generations definitely provided a ``One Stop Shopping`` experience for the preservation of our assets, and future growth using a Guaranteed Income Annuity through the Retirement Planning Service. I would highly recommend Dave Corman to anyone requiring these services.- - Paul T - Lawrence, MA
Deciding to place your elderly parent in a nursing home is a very difficult and at time gut wrenching decision to make. However, once that decision is made, than the hard work really begins; so many forms to fill out and all sorts of paperwork and financial documents to collect. The process can be overwhelming and all consuming. I was so lucky to have come across the folks at ``Generations``. They helped with all of the paperwork and explained, listened and assisted me all along the way. Placing my Mom in the nursing home was my FIRST right decision. ``Generations`` was the SECOND.- - ASG - Massachusetts
My mom recently made the transition from an assisted living situation to a nursing home. Navigating thru the process of consolidating bank accounts, IRA’s, retirement accounts etc, was made easier by Dave and his experienced team. The end result was Generations was able to reduce my mother’s nursing home bill by $6,000 per month! I owe him a debt of gratitude, (and a beer or two). Thanks again Dave!- - Mark W. Stoughton, MA
My husband is in a nursing home and my family was faced with an almost $13,000 monthly nursing home bill. As a couple with modest means, needless to say, this would have ruined us financially. I thought everything we worked so hard for all these years might be lost.<br /> I was referred to Generations Asset Preservation and they told me that not only can they save all of our assets; they could also drastically reduce the nursing home monthly bill. Although I was somewhat skeptical at first, I decided to proceed. I am more than happy to say that everything Generations promised happened and that the end result is more than anything I could have asked for. We were able to save our entire life savings and are now paying just over $500 per month to the nursing home. Moreover, my husband is getting the same level of care as if he were private paying almost $13,000 per month. The planning we did through Generations Asset Preservation was a godsend. I highly recommend anyone talk to them if they are faced with a similar circumstance.- - S.R., Hingham, MA
The last place my family thought my dad would end up, would be a nursing home. We did everything we could to keep him out of one. However, his health deteriorated and we could no longer keep him home safely. My dad would have been flabbergasted if he knew the nursing home bill was $12,000 per month! Luckily, we were referred to the folks at Generations Asset Preservation. They were able to reduce the nursing home bill by one-half! My dad has recently passed away, but the savings came to over $60,000!!! I couldn’t have imagined doing everything they did for us on our own. They are very easy to work with and I would highly recommend talking with them if you have a loved one who is not doing well and/or is in declining health.- - Nancy L., Pembroke, MA
My mother and father are the classic immigrant’s success story. They worked hard all their lives, and were able to educate their children and save some money. My dad has since passed away. Thank goodness my mom is still doing well. Dave Corman and the folks at Generations Asset Preservation were able to protect her assets and structure the proper documents. My sister and brother also have used Generations Asset Preservation for their estate and retirement planning. I am a recent retired school psychologist and my husband and I are doing our planning with Generations Asset Preservation as well. Meeting with Generations Asset Preservation is time very well spent. - - Lorine P., Boston, MA
As a sportscaster in the Boston area for many years I have come across many people in many fields. Whether it is for a personal or professional situation I look for several things. I want the people I deal with to be straight with me first and foremost. I have taught several media classes and one of the things I always say to my students is that you only get one chance for credibility. If you lose that you have nothing. I say this because when it came to setting things up for my parents I wanted someone I could trust. It is not easy to find that and it is something that has to be earned. I met Dave Corman several years ago and it did not take long, in terms of talking to him, for that trust to be earned. He and his Generations Staff were straight forward but at the same time very sincere and caring. I could not have asked for a better combination. Dave and his staff did not tell me ``what I wanted to hear`` they told me ``what I needed to hear``. I can honestly say that everything they said and suggested turned out to be 100% right. In baseball a .300 batting average is considered good. In dealing with things for my parents Generations Assets is batting 1000.00. It takes a lot for me to recommend a person or a company. I have had commercial opportunities that I have turned down. I have to use the product I endorse and I have to feel strong about its people and the product itself. I will tell you I am writing this on my own. This is NOT a paid endorsement. I am doing this because of the care, knowledge, professionalism, and warmth I have experienced with Dave and his staff. If they can make me feel this way----I know they can do the same for you and your loved ones. - - Alan Segel
None of us are immortal. We finally came to that realization now that we are in our 60s. It was time to do some planning. We have adult aged children and didn’t want to leave them with any unnecessary mess. We now have the peace of mind knowing that everything that we worked so hard for all our lives will go to whomever it’s supposed to go to. In addition, Generations helped us structure a good portion of our retirement assets. It’s nice having peace of mind knowing that those assets are now safe and secure and we will have a guaranteed income stream we can count on.- - Larry and Anne A., Plymouth, MA
It is a nice feeling knowing that the assets that my late husband and I worked so hard for are safe. Dave Corman and the staff at Generations take their time to listen to you and secure your goals and objectives.- – Bev S., Westwood, MA
Making the transition from child to care giver for ones parents is always difficult. There are many complicated issues, safety, care, living situations, financial, and emotional. Often information needed seems to be hidden with key people who can never be found or reached. In our case our father needed immediate assistance and without much previous planning we needed to come up to speed quickly with the healthcare and financial options. There was a lot of stress and sleepless nights. Luckily for my family we were encouraged to speak to Dave Corman at Generations. After our first meeting with Dave we felt more relaxed and confident that we could handle the situation with my dad. Every member of Dave’s team was knowledgeable but more importantly attuned to our needs and easily reachable. Every question asked was answered and taken care of immediately. We could never have successfully gotten through this hard time emotionally or financially without the assistance of Generations. I also know that if questions come up in the future Generations will be on my team to resolve them. - - Catherine D., Randolph, MA
I am a 52 year old recent widower. Needless to say, my life has been turned upside down. This is especially so, since I have two children currently in college. Generations Asset Preservation has helped me immensely. In fact, I don’t know what I would have done without them. I had lots of planning issues that definitely needed to be addressed, both in terms of finances and my estate plan. I didn’t want to compound things and leave behind a mess for my family, should something happen to me. Generations took their time with me and we now have a planning road map suited to my situation. As part of the process I constructed a private pension plan that will secure my retirement. Most importantly, I now have the ultimate peace of mind knowing I can get on with the rest of my life and my children will be well taken care of.- - Ron D., Marshfield, MA
My mother saw Dave Corman over 10 years ago to begin estate planning and asset protection. Mom was doing fairly well then, but she is now in a long term care facility. Thank goodness Mom took the necessary steps to do some planning to protect their assets. As products of the Great Depression, my parents worked tremendously hard all their lives. The last thing they would have wanted is the government or a nursing home to have access to their lifetime of savings. My brothers, sister and I certainly benefited from my parent’s planning! I would advise any family to call Generations to learn about their options. It's a call worth making!- - J.M. Halifax, MA
My parents are ages 92 & 91 years young. They have been married almost 69 years and have been blessed with remarkably good health until recently when my mother suffered a stroke. Unfortunately because of its severity she can’t be cared for at home. What made matters worse was the fear my father would lose everything in the process. During this extremely difficult time we were so thankful to have found Dave at Generations. Dave and his team took over immediately and assured us they would help my father preserve and protect what he had saved from a lifetime of hard work. Generations accomplished this and did it in a timely, accurate and professional manner. We truly feel this would not have been achieved without their assistance. I can't say enough about the compassion and concern shown to my father. We have so much trust and confidence in Generations that now my entire family will be meeting with Dave to ensure proper advanced planning for all.- - Doreen F, Braintree, MA
My mom and I first met Dave Corman over 10 yrs ago. My dad had been suffering from Alzheimer’s and was confined to a nursing home. We didn’t know where to turn. Luckily we were referred to Dave Corman. Thank goodness, my parents were able to save their lifetime of savings. My family owes Dave and the great staff at Generations a debt of gratitude. They are as caring as they are professional and knowledgeable.- - Peter S. Belmont, MA
My parents were products of the depression and the World War II generation. Like most people of that generation, they scrimped and saved their entire lives. When they both became ill, they were in danger of losing everything, which understandably, caused them much distress. We were told by a number of people that there was nothing they could do to protect their live savings. The story doesn’t end there. We were referred to Dave Corman and the folks at Generations Asset Preservation. They were extremely kind, thorough, and professional. My parents have since passed away, but they were secure in the knowledge that everything they worked so hard for was ultimately protected. My wife and I have since realized the importance of doing our own planning. Of course, we came back to Generations for that purpose.- - Richard M – Stoughton, MA
Three years ago, my father was living at home with my mother but getting frail. The cycles of falling, hospitalization, rehab, home, then falling again were getting closer together; the stays at home, briefer and farther apart. He needed long-term nursing home care. Medicare doesn't cover long-term care and the cost of care would have drained their life savings pretty quickly, leaving Mom with barely enough to live on. The nursing home employed a Medicaid specialist who would make the application for a small fee, but she couldn't help us because Mom and Dad's nest egg, while too small to pay for long-term care, was too big for Medicaid eligibility. She recommended Generations. Generations helped us through the process successfully. Generations financial advisor helped us convert Mom and Dad's assets into income for Mom. A Generations Medicaid specialist filled out the application. We spent hours together organizing Mom and Dad's financial records for the state. When the state denied our application, she represented us at a hearing and got it approved. They answered all my questions and held my hand when I needed it. Many months later, when the state threatened to stop Dad's Medicaid, Dave Corman explained exactly what we needed to show to preserve Dad's eligibility. Two years later, when Mom needed to move into a more supportive living situation, Dave once again answered all my questions. We could not have done this on our own. The state advises folks to just spend down their assets until they are eligible. Lawyers charge by the hour. Generations worked out well for our family.- – S. Family

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