Social Security Maximization

There are many aspects to consider when putting together your specific Social Security income plan.  Generations Asset Preservation will review the basics of Social Security and discuss the age requirement for filing, how your benefits are calculated and possible tax implications that may exist when you file.

Generations Asset Preservation will review your personal planning strategies, as well as provide you with a customized report showing the best strategy to maximize the amount of lifetime income you receive from Social Security.  We have found that in the age of information, the Baby Boomer generation has taken a very different approach to filing for their social security benefit and wants to make sure that not only will their benefits be available, but also that they receive the most possible income during their lifetime.

Generations Asset Preservation will discuss the steps you need to take to start the planning process, how it works and what to expect. We will also discuss the key components to consider when planning for Social Security.

Generations Asset Preservation will answer your most frequently asked questions:

When Can I File for Benefits?

How are My Benefits Calculated?

How Does Cost of Living Impact Benefits?

Can I Work & Collect Benefits?

Will My Benefits Be Taxable?