Medicaid Planning

What exactly is Medicaid?  Medicaid is the governmental program that pays for health care for people who qualify.  However, for our purposes, it pays for nursing home bills, only if you qualify.  Financial qualification criteria consists of assets and income.  Sometimes it pays for limited amounts of benefits for care at home, as well.

The laws are complicated and the system is extremely difficult to navigate.  Through our expert guidance and understanding of the laws, we will help put a plan of action together to save the maximum amount allowed by law.  In many instances our clients have already seen a lawyer, CPA or other professional who has told them it is too late to do anything.  This simply may not be the case.  Many families also take the advice of the nursing home who tells them that nothing can be done.  This is like asking the proverbial fox how to guard the hen house!  Although the nursing home will take good care of your loved one, asking them to advocate for you financially could be a very expensive mistake.  Most nursing homes want private pay monies and will only recommend “their planners” when you are near broke or soon to be broke.

As in many health related situations, it is always good to seek the advice of another professional and get a second opinion.

Remember, a second opinion could help save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars!!!

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“Once people leave our office they feel a sigh of relief. We can help you whether it’s preemptive planning or in a crisis situation.”

Kingston Council on Aging Director Tammy Murray sits down with David Corman, President of Generations Asset Preservation

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“Paying for long-term care costs is the #1 reason seniors lose their lifetime of savings. The good news is; this does not have to happen.”

Joe Castiglione, legendary voice of the Boston Red Sox, talks about Generations Asset Preservation’s comprehensive planning services!

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