L.P. -Boston, MA

We are generations of family working with Generations; Generations Asset Preservation that is!  My name is Lorine Pitter and pretty much my entire family has, or will work with Generations Asset Preservation to help us with our retirement, Medicaid, and estate planning needs.

The relationship began when my Dad passed away.  We wanted to ensure Mom was all set.  My parents have the classic immigrant success story.  They came to the United States, became citizens, worked hard, educated their children and managed to save some money along the way.  Thankfully when Dad died, the staff at Generations Asset Preservation was able to help Mom preserve those assets and develop a plan for long-term care should she require it in the future.  I’m happy to report that she is doing well and we are all secure in the knowledge that we have it covered should anything occur.  The “peace of mind” we have is priceless!

With regard to the rest of the family, my brother and sister have consulted with the staff at Generations Asset Preservation for their estate and retirement planning.  Myself, I am a recently retired school psychologist and my husband did our planning with them as well.  We are proud to be “generations” working with Generations Asset Preservation.  Our family can now enjoy our time together knowing that we are prepared for whatever may come our way.