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Retirement Income Gap Finder

Are you facing an income gap in retirement? This easy-to-use worksheet can help you answer that important question in four steps.


Financial Independence

This Financial Independence Worksheet provides the perfect starting point to creating a comprehensive strategy gaining financial freedom during retirement.


Veterans Benefits Report

As a Veteran, you or a loved one are entitled to certain benefits that are richly deserved. One of the least utilized, and quite frankly, least promoted, is the Veterans Aid and Attendance Program.  This is a program that is designed for Veterans who have served at least 90 days during a period of war.


Are Your Finances In Shape?

It is more than likely you are assessing your physical health. Don’t forget about your financial health! Sitting down with a professional and following this simple budget plan could be the most important thing you do all year.


Document Checklist and Family Organizer Worksheet

Life’s emergency situations require advance preparation and planning. The first step is knowing where your documents are. Our Document Checklist will help you identify your important documents and where they are located. Knowing where your official records are located as well as having copies of these important financial, legal, and health documents can save you countless hours of time spent tracking down records.

Preparation is key, which is why for years we have encouraged our own families, friends, and clients to use our Family Organizer Worksheet. This document is designed to make it easier for your loved ones to manage things when you’re gone.


Don’t Lose Everything To A Nursing Home

Maybe your family has already had an incident such as a stroke, or a dementia diagnosis.  The fact is that people are losing their life savings because of a catastrophic illness. Can your family afford to spend $12,000 per month in a nursing home?