Alan Segel

As a sportscaster in the Boston area for many years, I have come across many people in many fields. Whether it is a personal or professional situation I look for several things. I want the people I deal with to be straight with me first and foremost. I have taught several media classes and one of the things I always say to my students is that you only get one chance for credibility. If you lose that you have nothing. I say this because when it came to set things up for my parents I wanted someone I could trust. It is not easy to find that and it is something that has to be earned.

I met Dave Corman several years ago and it did not take long, in terms of talking to him, for that trust to be earned. He and his Generations Staff were straightforward but at the same time very sincere and caring. I could not have asked for a better combination. Dave and his staff did not tell me “what I wanted to hear” they told me “what I needed to hear”. I can honestly say that everything they said and suggested turned out to be 100% right. In baseball, a .300 batting average is considered good. In dealing with things for my parents Generations Assets is batting 1000.00.

It takes a lot for me to recommend a person or a company. I have had commercial opportunities that I have turned down. I have to use the product I endorse and I have to feel strong about its people and the product itself. I will tell you I am writing this on my own. This is NOT a paid endorsement. I am doing this because of the care, knowledge, professionalism, and warmth I have experienced with Dave and his staff. If they can make me feel this way—-I know they can do the same for you and your loved ones.