Experience Matters

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to serving and advocating for our senior clients and those who love them.  We will always help them access every benefit that the law guarantees.  In doing so we will always adhere to the highest legal, moral and ethical standards.

Our Pledge

Our Pledge

We will establish a long term care plan of action that will help ease your mind and help make your life less stressful.  More importantly, it will let you do the most important thing, and that is taking care of your loved one.

You absolutely cannot dabble in Medicaid and Estate Planning

Far too many lawyers, accountants and financial planners purport to know the rules and regulations.  Here is the plain and simple truth.  If you are not doing this type of work full time, you cannot adequately advocate for your clients and possibly know all the legal options available to them.

At Generations Asset Preservation we have many years of “in the trenches experience”.

  • Expert guidance
  • A history of success
  • Results oriented
  • Goals accomplished effectively and efficiently
  • Independently acclaimed
  • Over 5,000 families served

And, while it may sound like a cliché, we care about what you are going through because we’ve experienced it ourselves.  We face the same challenges: dealing with aging parents and making decisions about their care, to name a few.  So we know what you need, expert guidance, offered in an unbiased manner.

Initial consolations are always free!!!  At the end of the meeting we will tell you about fees and how much it is going to cost.  It’s important to know we charge a flat fee and not an hourly rate.  (Fees will depend upon the complexity of the situation and the amount of work that needs to be done). This is by far the most cost effective for our clients.  Also, it’s important to keep a line of communication open with our clients.  The flat fee structure encourages clients to call whenever and however many times they want as well as having in person meeting.  In other words, the meter is not always running every time you pick up the phone or come in.

We are never pushy.  Often times we step out of the room and let family members talk about whether or not they want to hire us.  If you decide to hire us, we would ask for a moderate retainer with most of the fee due at the next meeting, or when the work is completed.  At the completion of the work we don’t just say good-bye and never stay in contact with you, rather, we will always stay in contact via company newsletters and various correspondences.  Also, we will let you know if legislative updates may affect you and we will convey these to you as soon as we get them.

We would certainly welcome the opportunity to help your family.  We take our commitment and the responsibility that comes with it, very seriously.

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